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Having the time of my life with my BFF and FBF (facebook forever)

I am having the time of my life in facebook. I got this account way back in 2008 but did nothing about it. Today though, I have grown so addicted.. It's the first thing I do after my morning rituals. My relationship with facebook grew fonder when I thought that it could be a  tool to find friends,  I have not seen in ages. True  enough with a little diligence we are now finding each other, one day at a time.  The  re-connections has been for me,  a  powerful feeling of camarederie, of friendship and  of love.  High school friends, college classmates, long lost relatives and acquaintances, the link has been re-established.

It is not surprising that almost everyone is on facebook, I suppose there's this desire for  people to re-bond.. to re-connect if you will.  After all life is really short.  Sue was the first friend I found after searching and searching.  Sue - that's how I called her 40 years ago. That long already? And yes, that's an endearment.

Sue was actually here in November to check on relatives affected by Typhoon Ondoy. She has been based in Australia for awhile now, like her youngest child, Jenny was already born there. Jenny is now 23 I think. My feeling is Sue really came to visit us, her friends :-)

Another BFF, Dra. Lu was with us, along with Chuchi, (another BFF)  when we met up at Trinoma.  We took pictures but they didn't come out well. Anyway,  it doesn't matter.  

Forget that I  didn't have access to my own computer way back. Forget that  it  wasn't as user friendly as today. All that is forgotten. FB and me are now FBF. (facebook forever)  :-)

That's my BFF Sue and her lovely daughter Jenny!!!

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