Learning to Drive

I am not sure if my decision not to allow my sons to learn driving at an early age was wise. Back when they were teens,  my brother wanted to teach them how to drive,  but I said no. They had to wait to be 18. That was a long time ago. Fortunes have changed. Only one of my three can drive; and he too learned it late.

Today I think it is important to know driving. Much like swimming, one needs to be responsible to be a good driver. After all,  the lives of your passengerd are  in your hands.

Driving is not  about being  behind the wheel alone; it is more than stepping on the gas pedal and say go. It needs skill, concentration, focus, and discipline.  I myself made a start but fear got the better of me.

However, I think it is a must that I  start learning now. Formal driving lessons would be a big deal. Nothing better than a professional driver-teacher relationship with instructionals or the how to's;  because there are rules,  including  discipline to follow; and  to the letter. And let's not forget to practice with a professional; that should add to the comfort level.  And as they say practice makes perfect.

So are we done with all the necessary nitty gritty? Time to get a  driver's license. There are sample driver license tests that could help a qualified person pass the written and practical tests conducted by the licensing agencies. Maybe it's time that me and  my sons get on with learning to drive. Yey!