Mama in her 80's

We went to see my mother to greet her a happy birthday! She was really surprised to see us but seemed excited and I was soo happy watching her enjoy our presence.

Old age can at most times make one lonely. I should know. I am not too old but I  have had the experience of  making sense of life when it seems non sensical.

I look at my Mama  and can see that see seemed to have lost some weight.  Her  glaucoma has her eyes are failing her little by little. Not having her usual  eyesight prevents her going  anywhere.

Whereas, she used to go to church a lot some years back, it now gives her the shivers to leave her comfort zone. I have time and again suggested that she take up to some kind of  a tool to help her move around. But she won't hear it :-(

I look at her and I know she lived a life that's full. I am positive there's still time to bring her to places as soon as she gets that eye procedure we have been wanting her to have!

Happy Birthday Mama. We all love YOU!