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Go Away Cortisol

Cortisol are hormones that bring about stress. We have it inside our bodies and are triggered by negativity.
 So who wants stress? Not you. Definitely not me.

So why  stress? A couple of reasons or conditions:

1. Emotional problems, such as unexpressed anger,  depression, grief, guilt, or low self-esteem.
2. Relationship issues,  feeling a lack of friendships or support in your life.
3. Major life changes, such as dealing with the death of a parent or spouse, losing your job, getting married, or moving to a new city.
4. Stress in the family, such as having a child, teen, or other family member who is also under stress, or being a caregiver to a family member who is elderly or who has health problems.
5. Conflicts with  personal beliefs and values. For example, you may value family life, but you may not be able to spend as much time with your family as you want.

Other social and job issues that can cause stress include:

6. Surroundings like a living that's  overcrowded, posing danger such as occurences of crime, pollution, or noise
7. Personal social situation such as being poor, feeling lonely, discriminated because of  race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.
8. The job. Being unhappy with work or job too demanding.
9. Unemployment. Losing a job or not being able to find work.

My personal take? It reason # 1. Enough said. Stress alleviated somehow by just writing this post.


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