Anti-aging Activity

What is it about aging that makes one feel that time runs out as if nothing happened the whole day?  My day is like clockwork. Morning breakfast preparations, partner off to work and I am left with my household and personal chores. Social networking keeps me occupied as well.

But one thing I discovered, I could still keep brain  additionally busy by  taking some online courses. And I did start one recently, hoping another course will open come first week of April. I am delighted. These courses will allow my mind to keep on working and that's a big plus to avoid my synapses electrified and energized.

My friend based in Australia basically does the same thing as I have done. Despite having her hands full with family, a job and her orchid gardening chores, she keeps herself busy with personal training courses at opencolleges.edu.au.

She said online courses offered at her school is what she needed exactly; take it at a time set by her,  during her most preferred days.  She says there's a wide range of courses that would suit anyone; someone just starting in life, in the middle of it, or  perhaps someone who would want to move ahead in her job.

In fact, a reason is the last thing one should think of getting educated online or via distance learning, she says.
There's so many choices and lots of information are available at the OpenColleges updates.

I have talked excitedly about online courses to friends and I guess the excitement is getting contagious. So whether you get it free or pay reasonable tuition, is your call. The key is continue getting the minds working, because it is definitely an anti aging activity.