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Hygienic and More Enjoyable Trip

To the rest room. True. It is possible to enjoy each and every trip to the toilet with a bidet. The whole elimination process is hygienic, warm if need be or the other way around, whichever fits the situation.

It is one bathroom fixture that I fantasize about adding to our bathroom. Bidets are not only hygienic,  but environment friendly as well. Why? Because is saves paper and  helps reduce electricity. 

My first encounter with bidets are in five star hotels way back in the 90's when I did a lot of work-related travel. But today bidets are commonplace mostly found  in newly constructed homes.

How does a bidet work and is there just one type? Bidets clean the anal and genital areas. Comfortably warm water streams shoot straight into the anus and vaginal areas to cleanse. No need to use toilet paper. Crap free.

There are ordinary bidets, bidet toilet seat   and there are electronic ones. Bidet toilet seats  are attached to the toilet so there's really no need for an extra toilet fixture on top of the usual toilet seat.  Some bidets can even wash dry the peri-anal areas. There are others that can be operated with a remote mechanism or something that's hand held.

Additionally, there's a bidet specifically designed for travel. Smart huh? Time to perhaps visit BidetKing to find out more about this worthy of our money bath fixture.

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