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Own Contemporary Art

Is it possible to be an art collector if you are not wealthy? This I have often wondered. A couple of my best friends have each possess very impressive collections of art. Beautiful and authentic works by famous as well as new artists. Of course,  I am envious being of simple means.

But that is really a joke.

Yet,  I must admit, those works of art never seize to amaze my "less cultured" sensibilities. Painting as an art form has been there for many, many years bearing many differing styles; landscape, portraits, still life. Whether they represent a certain era in our world's history or not, the point is the artist bares his soul through his paintings.

How wonderful is that? To be able to look at a painting today,  created by a man who existed hundreds of years ago. Through the art work, it is possible to feel the essence of those times past. Majestic or peculiar  against the walls,  paintings serve to introduce, link or remind us about eras gone by.

But paintings  need not remind us only of the past. Enter - contemporary art. These are art works that were created from the '60's and the '70's and continue to be created up till now as I write this. In essence it is contemporary in this day and age, as opposed to modern art which are works from the 1880's or thereabouts up till the '70's. 

I must admit, what I have on the walls of my home are modern art reprints. These are  reprints   mostly reflective of  those famous impressionist painters from France in the 1880's.  Let's face it, there is no way I could own an original and an impressionist painting at that. No way.

And so I focus on contemporary art. But contemporary art are expensive as well! An art work by Firelei Baez surely is a good example. Note that her works have been exhibited in various national and international institutions and focus on "cultural ambiguities", women and "cultural narratives."

What's good is  they now do reprints of  art from someone like Ms Baez and other notable contemporary contemporary artists  at ArtStar. They say that owning an art piece from this place is very much like owning an original. So Go!

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