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Backing Up Our Digital Treasures

The world never stops turning. Technology keeps improving. How many times have we experienced that feeling of being left behind because technology is running at a pace no one can seem to cope up with. There seems to be no time at all  to enjoy the awesome loads of photos, music, videos and movies that we have downloaded online. It is really mind unsettling at times. Imagine the specter of  losing all my valuable digital data.

So,  thinking of  preserving downloaded items from the web? 

Personally, I  prepare and save my precious downloads in time for a planned or scheduled movie, video or digital whatever  marathon. My family and I try to find a common time to sit down and enjoy what we all have collectively obtained from the web. Sometimes though it takes a while before we can all come to a  common free time. In the meantime, I like protecting  my downloads.

 It is practically easy. I just see to it that I burn dvd of my web finds. It serves as my digital back up and burn strategy. There are tools around. My friend introduced me to such  tools. There's one for every digital creative, preservation, enhancement, editing, organizing, or editing need.

There's even something to support  our mobile device apps needs. Me? A digital buff? Not really. It is just practical and sensible.

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