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Aya to Doc Samaniego

On Thursday, the day Aya arrived here in our place for a very brief visit, I thought everything would be okey, expecting the visit to be smooth and just in playful Christmas decorating mood.

On Friday, November 30, a holiday we brought my grand daughter Aya to our family doctor because our good, old pediatrician was having a holiday.

Last night was a very bad night, she was unable to sleep and almost can not feed. She was having a very very difficult time breathing.. with me watching hourly.. and to me that breathing seemed heavier and more difficult as the hours passed.. We gave her a medication for cough as her Mom approved, but with little improvement.. Lolo and I decided to bring her to the doctor first thing in the morning.

And when our family doctor examined her she said her air ways are too much too tight constricted .. God! She was doing abdominal breathing which was a very very bad sign. The doctor ordered her to be nebulized for 15 minutes and examined her again.. there was 40% improvement but still no good.. Aya had to be x-rayed.

It appears that she has some bronchial infection but a primary complex condition is not ruled. Her oxygen supply is still not good but is expected to be better after further nebulizing and taking of antibiotics..

This was so traumatic for me but lessons learned well. One of the few things perhaps that i will never forget as long as I live.

Today, she is well ok back to her feeding and very encouraging rate and still on with her medication.

Yesterday, I visited the Monastery of St Clare and ask her to help my grand daughter fully recover from this condition. With the Grace of God lead her on toward a healthy child life. GOD is GOOD!

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