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Mobile is it

With the massive proliferation of internet use, people are starting to think that the world is not the same without web access 24x7. It is the 'now' world with  all the encompassing  gadgetry in tow. And talk about gadgets, surely we all know that mobiles will be the standard access device to the web. It is not without good reason. Mobile devices are the ubiquitous or preferred mode of communication because it can be brought anywhere. It is small , possessing the power of a laptop, tablet or even perhaps, the desktop.

My son labors and is passionate about  online gaming. He is into  developing and enhancing game sites including his own,  which essentially are patterned after the better known MMROPGs.  I could not count the times I hinted to him about developing a  mobile website  of his game, exactly for the reason  I said,  that mobiles will be the device of the future.

And yes, he says, he's been thinking about it for the longest time. I told him that I have encountered interesting things mobile on Google including mobstac..And he agrees to look more seriously about these possibilities. I told him not to take too long. As if he didn't already know that technology today might be stale tomorrow.

If I was a business owner today, I would want people to find my website not only on their standard hardware but more so on their mobile phones. Because there is a way to have a mobile version of what your business is all about in everyone's mobile device.

Come to think of it, I may need to get my health and wellness site its mobile version. I wonder, who I could call?

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