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Two Days before the first day of Christmas (December 1, 2012)

Two days before the first day of December, my grand daughter comes for a visit . We wanted  her to experience putting up the decor for the Christmas tree.. too bad, our older apo could not make it.. he has school..

And yes, she was all so ecstatic when we were finished especially with the lights finally turned on! Bliss!

My Godchild PAS from Bulacan

Looks like I found my long lost godchild PS through the social networking sites. YEY! His Mom is my Kumare CAgura.
I wonder will I still be able to see himface to face?

Mobile is it

With the massive proliferation of internet use, people are starting to think that the world is not the same without web access 24x7. It is the 'now' world with  all the encompassing  gadgetry in tow. And talk about gadgets, surely we all know that mobiles will be the standard access device to the web. It is not without good reason. Mobile devices are the ubiquitous or preferred mode of communication because it can be brought anywhere. It is small , possessing the power of a laptop, tablet or even perhaps, the desktop.

My son labors and is passionate about  online gaming. He is into  developing and enhancing game sites including his own,  which essentially are patterned after the better known MMROPGs.  I could not count the times I hinted to him about developing a  mobile website  of his game, exactly for the reason  I said,  that mobiles will be the device of the future.

And yes, he says, he's been thinking about it for the longest time. I told him that I have…

Happy Birthday Part 3

Another kind hearted batchmate - Cecille, made this for me.

Happy Birthday Part 2

Collage of beautiful things past created by kind batchmate Chelit.

Happy Birthday Part 1

My youngest has been here since Wednesday..

A very long call from my Mama :-)Bless her :-)

My eldest son skipped work to be with us..

Then a call from my daughter made earlier than usual, layered and lathered with lots of updates and laughter;

And a few minutes ago a call from another son.. Yes!

Of course earlier, messages, messages and messages from friends and relatives on the social networks..

Seconds ago, a nice thought in a nicely created card from Belle..

Seems to be complete, but not really..

And yes, our living room area's plants decided to bloom their flowers

My sons' friends from the neighborhood

An old photo with my sons carousing with friends from  their childhood .

Heartdy, Jorie, Krisas, Allan, Alex, Lentic girl, Boom, Mario B,  Joseph my nephew,  and one face I could not place..

Congratulations to the Newly Weds

The venue of the wedding was grand at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. One fabulous and awe inspiring altar that was. And the couple seemed to be totally at ease with each other. young but hopefully they both possess the maturity required to face the rigors and everyday challenges every married couple face as they embark on this lifetime journey.

The groom is one of my youngest son's high school best friends. They've been through countless boy and adolescent moments. And now, here he is facing a new adult beginning. My gut feel about the bride is that she must be a wonderful person and can make her husband happy all the way!

I Wish there Were Tutors Before

Kindergarten was a blast for my grandson last year. He just breezed through it and with flying colors. But it is a totally different story this year. He is in first grade and looks like he needs a little support to get him through the smooth transition from Kinder to big school.

I am now traveling down to memory lane and looking back I wish I had one for my math and statistics college courses. If only this kind of help were available then, I would have encouraged me venture into an Engineering or Business course. But, come to think of it, my math difficulties were addressed through the help of some senior students who were just too willing to offer their time and skills to get me through my college maths.

For my nephew who is  currently New York based,  I think he might have to get nyc tutors based on what his Mom intimated to me. My favorite cousin says her son badly needs help to prepare him good for an impending examination. Test preparation is important especially if the tutor…