Inktoner please for my printer

My niece is celebrating her 18th birthday soon. She called me recently to ask my help with the preparation of her invites. What can I say?  I immediately requested her to provide me with her photo, the exact details of the debut party and the message she wishes to convey. It was not really difficult to do the copy for her invite having substantial  experience in  preparing other invites in the past.

When I finished the template, I emailed it to her to ask her comments. Satisfied with the copy, she immediately told me if we could print about a hundred of them. Oh my! That many, I said. Now , I have a problem. I think my printer is out of  Phaser 8560 ink . This  means I need to buy a couple of them, soon.

You see, the invitation is quite elaborate, size of an 8 1/2 x 11,  bearing her photo serving as the over-all background. It bears her message which essentially says that at 18, almost about to finish her college course, she will take her birthday as a liberation from all things juvenile, looking forward to the future with hope and courage to face the challenges of officially being an adult. Great!

The invite card  also bears the listing of  friends and relatives participating in 18 roses, 18 candles, 18 gifts, 18 wisdom gems and 18 treasures, plus the venue and time details. Woow. That's one load of  information.

But that is ok. I am sure that my printer will serve me well as it  always did with all my  printing needs. After all, my printer and  ink supplier is always  A-okey.