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Friends from the Past

Both Godparents to two of my children; one is ninang of my eldest and the other to my second eldest son. This pic was taken in the U.S. where one of them is visiting from the Philippines. Wooow this pic brings back too many fun memories!


Happiness is a grand daughter. It's her impishness, the funny and endearing baby ways that really bring joy to me and my family. Wasn't that yesterday when she was just a baby? Now she's walking, talking, continuing to regale us endless..


When ever it comes, all the very wonderful memories my children spent with me from the time they were born till the time they've come of age will fondly get me through I know through that journey from this world to the next..

.. and let me not leave out the joys of grand parenting..

All Grown Up

Time has really gone by fast I almost didn't notice.. it feels like it was just yesterday when our family was trying to give a name to a baby -- and now my niece, she is all grown up..

Relatives on my fatherside

I haven't seen them for awhile. My that was a long time ago, I was still in my grade school years. I can still remember some of family's visits to their place in Caloocan. The patriarch was Tata Rosalino and he was my grandma Feliza's brother. They really hail from Bulacan.

And the photo below remind me once again of my Tata Rozalino's children - Lily, Dante, Fe and then there's Henry and Danny, I think. My neural nerves are starting to falter.

It's a pity that I could not introduce them to my children :-(

My Lola's side really look like Chinese or Japanese, don't you think so?

Inktoner please for my printer

My niece is celebrating her 18th birthday soon. She called me recently to ask my help with the preparation of her invites. What can I say?  I immediately requested her to provide me with her photo, the exact details of the debut party and the message she wishes to convey. It was not really difficult to do the copy for her invite having substantial  experience in  preparing other invites in the past.

When I finished the template, I emailed it to her to ask her comments. Satisfied with the copy, she immediately told me if we could print about a hundred of them. Oh my! That many, I said. Now , I have a problem. I think my printer is out of  Phaser 8560 ink . This  means I need to buy a couple of them, soon.

You see, the invitation is quite elaborate, size of an 8 1/2 x 11,  bearing her photo serving as the over-all background. It bears her message which essentially says that at 18, almost about to finish her college course, she will take her birthday as a liberation from all things juven…

Happy Birthday LE

It is the birthday of one of my sons. He is 33 today. Not sure if he has a new girl in his life. It's been awhile. My son's standard about women is I believe quite steep, I think he might have a difficult time finding the right one. First off, he says he is not ready yet financially to have a relationship. Ouch..

Anyway my message to him:
Happy Birthday my son!. I wish you continued adventures which is what really life is all about.. But whatever You do, make sure it makes You happy and gives deeper meaning to your life. Godbless You son. I love you!

World Teachers Day

The baby is now a teacher and a poem borrowed from the web to honor a teacher's life from A to Z.. Happy World Teachers Day anak! YEY!

A Teacher's ABC

A is for the abundance of questions and yearning
B is for both inward and outward beauty
C is for creative learning
D is for doing it over 'til it's right
E is for the effort you pour into preparing into each night
F is for watching how far we can go
G is for seeing us blossom and grow
H is for reaching for that star so high
I is for imagination, for the courage to try
J is for joy in touching a child's life in a meaningful way
K is for kindness you bring children each day
L is for the love of teaching we see
M is for the "me" you're helping me to be
N is for never being to busy to pray
O is for overcoming our desire to stray
P is for positives you bring to each
Q is for the quintessential way to teach
R is for your willingness to give us a reason
S is for teaching us to appreciate each season
T is for …