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To Smell Good is to Feel Good

I am not really a perfume person. Even when I was younger, I could go on for years without wearing perfume. But I had favorites. In college, my cousin Marge introduced me to Givenchy, and different versions of the Dior line. Each version was distinctly heavenly, but I liked Givenchy better.

As I got older, I have turned my interest on perfumed candles. I love candles in the bathroom especially when I take my showers. Lavenders especially, and vanilla and ginger too!

Recently,  I have been introduced to lollia. My friend gave me a peony white lily shea butter hand creme and my golly, it smells and feels terrific.

But it's the perfumed candles I  am imagining I would have a  collection of one day soon..

For now, I am savoring the hand creme.. and here are the details of the creme:

"Hydrating shea butter is whipped with fragrant infusions to create this lusciously moisturizing hand cream. Presented in a pretty floral box with a gift-ready paper sleeve.

    * Key ingredients: shea butter, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil
    * 4.25 oz
    * USA

And other "flavors"

Classic Petal: apple blossoms and jasmine, infused with timeless rose

Imagine: rice flower and warm coconut milk mingle with notes of mandarin and jasmine petals

Relax: fresh notes of lavender, white orchid sweetened with Tahitian vanilla and honey

Wish: a sweet bouquet of sugarcane, vanilla bean and jasmine

Breathe: weightless whispers of peony, white lily, lavender and violet"

More about this here

But I think I would like to have Breathe too :-)  or perhaps all the flavors? 

And Yes, thanks Sue!

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