Just a Thought

You will never be able to know how I feel because you are not me. What I have been through in life are experiences which are mine and mine alone.  I can not take you there nor make you re-live it for me.

And I can only  assume the same for you.

And so, what ever makes you  fulfilled and happy,  go ahead continue doing it. Life is short. Being true to ourselves shall always set us free!

And if in case these  truths  upset or destroy  the balance in our relationship, I am ready and willing to accept. No recriminations, no bitterness,  just  understanding. Yes,  that's what I am prepared to do.

I believe  that to achieve peace within ourselves, we must strive for  an emotional environment characterized only with  honesty and openness.

That is all I want for you. Nothing less, nothing more.

February  27, 2007