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I Was Floored and Glueless

And hard.. true because I have always wanted a house with lots of hardwood in it. The decor, the walls, the ceiling and of course the floor. Perhaps, I won't be too serious on the hardwood ceiling and walls because those functional aspects of the home would require a big, big house. But the flooring that is what I really dream of.

My family had always taken places with floor tiles not because that was what we wanted but that was what was available. I also realized that home builders would always use tiles other than hardwood because hardwood is expensive. Absolutely, no longer true.

I have seen so many beautiful hardwood floor tiles which are rather affordable and absolutely beautiful. In fact just the other day, my batch mate who I was communicating on the social network was telling me that her husband was busy, busy with his new project. She says, hubby is occupied with removing all her home carpets because they are going to replace it with hardwood. And I said that, that was an awesome idea.

She further informed me there were so many hardwood types available - hickory, maple, oak, walnut, acacia, tigerwood, cypress, and many other wood varieties.

Also that they come in variety of finishes like, french bleed, hand scraped, natural, smooth, wide plank, glue less.. and I was just about wonderfully wondering, about oil finish. That should be glowingly nice.

And talk about wood floor thickness you desire and there's 1.3 mm to 4 mm to choose from. Along with other nice to have wood features of course is the width which goes from 3" to 7". Wooow terrific! And durability? No worry. Warranty for the hardwood comes from 10 to 50 years. I say, I can't ask for a better home investment feature.

I was carried away.

Lastly,  if you are not so much of a Marble kind of floor person don't forget there's so many places to look around.

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