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Cooking? Why Not

If there's one additional thing I would like my daughter to have  I had my way  is to learn the skill and especially the art of cooking.  She has her numerous talents already but I think the combination of culinary arts and gastronomy is a deadly combination once you master it. The skill and the knowledge involving these two significant facets of  food almost always enhances the way food is prepared, served, look and taste.

I would not mind having these skills for myself as well..

Food appreciation involves the technique, the style, and the practice  of cooking. Is it Continental or Asian? What about that known as  'haute cuisine' which is  also all about French cooking? Talk about the  pasta-olive-oil-sundried tomato based combination of  Italian cooking. Spices are at the heart of  Indian or Thai cooking.. And who can forget the  essentially Zen based way of  the Japanese?

But and this is a big but,  am I forgetting the healthy aspect of cooking and eating? The answer is about tim ferris.   In these day and age of junk food, foodies like us - my daughter, you and me,   can remain healthy with cooking styles that evolve around recipes that are surprisingly high on the aesthetic and the palate but  are slow on the not so healthy carbs.

And so, do I want my daughter or myself to become a chef?  Not necessarily. But to dream about mastering the rudiments of cooking is really a big amazing thing.  What would one need to learn the rudiments of  cooking..  let us say in an hour, or two hours or by being  a four hour chef ?

The web abounds with wealth of information about culinary, gastronomical, cookery, and healthy cooking. And my daughter you and I better start browsing.

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