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A Wedding in San Diego?

My classmate from San Diego was back in the Philippines during our 4 day reunion events. On the formal party night, we got to talking about things, jobs, children, grandchildren, retirement, travel, etc. We got to a point where we were enjoyably and energetically discussing about marriages and children..

I intimated to him that my son has  not walked the aisle.. only that I now have two grandchildren. He asked why and I think I replied that  my son is still saving for it.

He and  his wife mentioned about the time their son got married three years ago and it was quite a celebration and it didn't really cost an arm..  He added that that there are  a few nice  if not excellent choices available when looking for  a place where  corporate or big family events will be held..  in fact he said California is a great place to look if one is looking for an outstanding  venue for san diego corporate events

Whatever kind of wedding theme one has in mind, no matter how many guests you expect, or how grand the food requirement, that would be no problem in these places,  he said.

And there it was pictured in mind, my grand daughter throwing petals as she walks the church aisle and my grand son holding that which bears his  parents wedding bands..  

I wish, I smilingly said.. and the wine has started to be served..

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