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Not all bad news

Visiting my aunt was depressing. She is sick.. terminally. She and my mama are the only surviving siblings. My Aunt is the eldest and my mother the youngest daughter. Her last visit to Manila was 2 years ago. She used to take time out from her provincial domesticities to visit my mother in the city who has been afflicted with glaucoma.

Just writing about this now turns my stomach in circles.. Add  is the condition of 64 year old my male cousin, only son of my deceased Aunt. He too is sick. He recently had a stroke and could no longer fend for himself.. even his hygienics had been continously compromised. My aunt who is now terminally ill was the one taking care of him for the longest time, and not that the inevitable is about to happen, there remains no one to take care of him..

My three remaining cousins from  this lineage have concerns of their own:-(

Good vibes please..  the trip was marked somehow with a flicker of hope.  Knowing we were around, relatives who we haven't seen and never met before asked us to come to attend our,  it turns out our second cousin's wedding. Now that is one positive news!

The  newly weds
Lola Rosa is the wife of my mama's uncle, Quirino Melad. My Lolo Quirino has passed away  a long time before. I remember him as someone who gifted me with a black piglet during his first visit in our house. I was 7 years old then.  He told me, "you feed the piglet very well so he grows fast in time for Christmas lechon, " funny thing is the pig escaped before he can grow.. har har.. fine memories which somehow uplifts my spirit today..

My Lola Rosa in orange, my Mama in  printed black blouse and Lola Rosa's children

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