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I hate Junk

 .. mail, that is.

Despite the pervasiveness  of communications through the web, I still get a lot  of pesky materials from my snail mailbox - not mails from friends, or the usual utility bill mails, but those  ubiquitous unwanted mails from credit card, health,   or  insurance companies. These companies offer pre-approved plastic cards and pre-approved health insurance plans without you asking them to do so. I am sure most of us experience the same.

Think about those annoying bulky mails which could be raffle sweepstakes or   real estate open house invitations. Others,  sell stuff like magazine and newspaper, cable or internet connection subscriptions,  etc.

In the first place, where did they get my name? Receiving unsolicited mail can be truly irksome. For one, junk mail is definitely  not environment friendly. How many trees need to be cut to be able to send those voluminous and sometimes glossy flyer advertisements to my mailbox. I say stop. This time, I mean it. No Junk Mail no more.

But how do we do that? Well for starters, Why not try asking the companies sending junk mail to please just stop the practice. Inform them that it's bothersome. Tell them to just remove your name from their mailing list period.

Maybe some of you out there can send me suggestions on how to stop the junk from getting into my brick and mortar mailbox? Or perhaps, I will do a little research and tell you about it later. Why not?

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