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Mildred N. in Venice

Celebrating her birthday. Cheers!
She was a classmate in intermediate grades. Bold even during those early times.. speaks her mind and a real go getter. We used to go Girl Scouting and were together in one big international camping activity in Camp Gonzales, Quezon City.

She used to lend me her Girl Scout uniform before I had my own. I think she owned 2, that's why. Mildred has been based in Venice, Italy for the longest time. She speaks Italian very fluently and remains one hell of an adorable woman.

From her fb profile I grabbed this piece of info:
Either youll love or hate me, coz i prefer to tell an unpleasant truth than a sweet lie.
luv innovation, eccentric, non-conformist, art, books, fine-dining,sports,comfort,design,essentialism,travel

She ascribes to Desiderata and St Francis of Assisi teachings.

In a very recent balikbayan trip to the Philippines

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