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Auntie Fely and husband Bob

She is my Mom's half sister. I just found out lately. I used to know that she was an ordinary Aunt, a teacher and a dark beauty at that.

She met her husband when she went to New Zealand a long, long time ago for the proverbial greener pastures. She was about 35 years old at the time. Taught for awhile and found Bob. Although he was a divorcee, I heard he was the kindest person you can ever find. That's good.

Was that the reason why Aunt Fely had for the longest time been urging me to go to New Zealand and find me a new life, due to the life challenges I was facing during those crucial periods? I feel a tinge of loneliness as I write this.. at this point in my life, ifs are no longer relevant :-) because I am now operating my life by default.. despite the many kind acts being showered my way...

But this post is not about me but Auntie Fely.. she appears to have lived an extremely happy and comfortable life.. Bob made it  possible for most if not all of Aunt Fely's relatives to  improve their lives. What's joyful to know is Bob's fulfilled  because he made Aunt Fely happy.

Eons ago this teacher aunt of mine migrated to New Zealand in search of better opportunities. Not long after I heard she got married. And the next thing I knew she was convincing me to go there too.

She said that for my kids sake and for their future I needed to get out of the country to find a new life that was more dignified, with peace and more comfortable. I had the "intelligence", she said.

The years passed so swiftly and then the contact was lost. I guess she just got tried of trying to make me "see the light".

I am sure she is happy with husband Bob, but I wonder if she misses having her own child. 


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