My Kumareng Bing and Family now based in Australia

My Kumare Bing and Irish

My Godchild Irish Angela    

Bing and I used to help run the Camp Aguinaldo  Concessioanaires Association. As business concessionaires based in a military camp,  we encountered problems that were peculiar to the area. Military protocols, as we know can sometimes and for a reason be very rigid. It was incumbent upon us to police our ranks in terms of security and other issues. Handling those problems required PR  to maintain congenial among the members including the camp officials.

In attending to these duties, Bing and I grew close and became good friends. I was honored when she asked me to be the godmother of her child.

The family is now based in Australia. After having lost contact for awhile, I found her through one of the most popular social networking sites. It's been a happy reunion, since then. And we hope to remain happily connected.  

I noted how my inaanak has grown so pretty, and I understand very smart and intelligent.