The Gogetter Sue

Video cover of Sue Prado's film
Sue is  the typical girl next door neighbor.  Pretty lass. Everybody's crush. And because of this she was a real go getter.

I remember that my daughter very kindly got an application for her to be able to take the science school entrance exam. Same school  my daughter was attending to. And true to form she was able to get in.. Lots of brain matter there, I thought.

Just like most of us, Sue faced many life issue challenges. After graduating from UPLB, she was gainfully employed. But I guess she wanted more.

Her  theater links perhaps  provided the venue to try film and television work. The transition appears to be succeeding.

From what I heard lately, she got an award for an indie film, I just can't recall the title, now.

I wish the best for her. Go SUE! Cheers.


Poster of Abadeha, a movie starring Sue Prado.