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Lillian After almost 20 years and with Marge

Certainly, not a clear photo. The culprit? My niece's camera phone or the dark lighting in the restaurant. Goodness.  Manang Lilian remains gorgeous looking, unlike what the photo captured here. It is definitely an injustice.

The point was,   we saw each other again after many, many years. Manang Lil has been  based in Los Angeles for awhile. Marge, my cousin from out of town and I had the pleasure of her company one Friday afternoon. And it was pleasantly awesome

A been there-than that Mom, she single handedly made all the effort, moved heaven and earth,  to make a better life for her and her four children. It was a way of getting out of the marriage that wasn't working any longer. It was time to go. Otherwise, what future will her children have around an  unhappy situation.  

Cousin Marge and Me during the Meet-up

I consider Marge a sister I never had. We have been friends back in college. Though she studied in another school, we were watching movies after classes, eating out when ever our respective schedules would permit.

I knew everyone she dated even the man she almost married. Allan. She loved the guy. Unfortunately, the timing wasn't right I guess. They were still young. And perhaps, pride?

Paths crossed years later. But was there any sense in reviving the love? 

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