Happy Birthday Dash

I hope that you are just starting to enjoy your birthday today my son. Yes, there's only Ate there with you. It could feel different but take comfort that we are there with you because YOU  have us in your heart and we all have YOU here in our hearts as well.

By now, you know what is like to be on your own, sort of :-) because you are still with Ate. And how it works in other cultures; work and social environment. Don't think that people are weird when you do not seem to understand them. Think in terms of diferences in cultural practices. Though people may look and feel different, they are still humans, just like you and I. They laugh and cry just like us, maybe get angry in an unfamiliar way, or perhaps express themselves in a way that like unacceptable. Just the same, understand that you come from a Filipino upbringing, expectedly not the same as a foreign upbringing.

I know that you have your new gadgets? That should take care of the lonely moments :-) I suggest, get busy always. However, you can be, you have to be busy to drive away the blues so to speak.

So what else can I say to a son who's kind and loving and appreciative on his birthday? Just keep it that way. And again enjoy the rest of your birthday.

I love and pray for you always.