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From Instamatic to Digital Camera

I am playing with old pictures made to look even more old through picjoke.

Taking photos. I used to love that. Well I still do. My first camera was a Kodak instamatic which was a gift from a friend. For the longest time I used it to immortalize my youth and  family celebrations back when my Mother and Father were still together. Celebrations were always meant the whole clan, with everyone present,  my Lolo and Lola, including my aunts and uncle (fatherside). Summers were spent with relations on my mother's side. More pics.

 then that camera was borrowed. And that was the end of it. My instamatic never came back. It was lost according to my brother.

Here comes my  SLR Nikon bought from hard earned money. That was 1985. So many of my children's photo memorabilia were taken with  that camera. It proved very reliable. Not too sophisticated but it did what it was supposed to do. All my 20 plus photo albums were taken by my Nikon. Reminds me again that all those memories in print are now gone. No thanks to Ondoy.

And then my daughter gave me her Sony (early version) digital.  (It was a gift from us). She now owns something new. The truth? I was happy at first. But I finally realized,  the camera sucked. It was a battery guzzler. This can't go on. No can do. Too expensive to own a camera like that. Ahhh.. maybe someday..

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