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All in the spirit of fun on your birthday.

Someone I have known for thirty years  and a person very  important to me,  celebrates his birthday today.
Happy Birthday Partner. 

And today, I lift my head to God to ask him if I deserve living this  life,  the way  I live it now with you. :-)  But, instead  I murmur a silent prayer for you.  I asked God to give you good health and longer life so you can spend it the way you really want to.   

Though life may not be perfect,  all I really care about is to get over the humps we have been experiencing since 2006.  The imperfections of our life together seemed to have become permanent, but hey that  strengthens me all the more. Forget that have become  slightly neurotic. Don't I try to work at always keeping my cool and being  level headed?

Often,  I  wonder  why you are,  the way you are. Maybe that's the way it's gonna be. Or maybe it's me.

That you always manage to be nonchalant about your age, bravo, they just don't know,  you are one narcisstic ego tripper hehehe joke  The wrinkles  seem to be setting in, but hey you say those are laugh lines, right?

The first half of  our  life  consists of the capacity to enjoy without the chance,  the last half consists of the  capacity to enjoy but still without the chance hehehe When you were  young, the old regarded you as an outrageous young fellow, yet  now that you're old, the young still regard you l as an outrageous old fellow.

The preceding snips were inspired by quotes I borrowed from the web.

Since  it is your birthday I give you the following presents.

Get the details here.

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