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A Tribute to Double Lifers

I hope that ilda will forgive me if I re-post her here. Because this post is not really about Noynoy A:  it is about   people who have managed to live double lives not successfully, albeit those who readily chose to be the double lifer's disciple(s).

"Don Draper once said that people are living two lives. One life they are actually living and the other, they are secretly wishing. Considering what he said is just out of the script from the popular TV show Mad Men, we can’t really take it too seriously now, can we? Come to think about it though, Tiger Woods has proven that statement to be true. If that TV script wasn’t written before his affairs got out in the open, one would assume that it was based on him. More recently, Sandra Bullock’s husband has been outed as someone who has a secret fetish for tattooed ladettes while married to Ms Congeniality. These two are definitely poster boys for people who were living two lives!

Don’t get me wrong; what people do with their lives is none of my business. I am not one to judge their behind-closed-doors shenanigans. What I really find annoying are people who try to project an image of perfection but secretly live another, more carefree life. In that sense, don’t you think that Hugh Hefner is more true to who he is? It’s not that I agree with his lifestyle. The standard moral barometer, for one, would place him way off the mark. In fact, I personally think that his need for five wives can be likened to a need for a hole in the head. But at least he is not a hypocrite.

People who have secret lives obviously have a problem. There’s nothing wrong with getting some kind of high from living dangerously, but there’s something to be said when a person’s activities begin to hurt the people around him. People who get a kick out of lying to people who love them obviously have self-esteem problems. They have a facade which makes them look like angels or the perfect son, brother, husband or father but behind that, they are the complete opposite of the image they are trying to project to others.

So, ultimately, it is not the people who are being lied to that has a problem, it’s the people who are doing the lying that obviously have issues to resolve on their own. Maybe they get some kind of validation that they don’t get from their spouses or they may be just trapped in a situation that is beneficial to their finances and the secret life they truly want to live makes them complete. Who are they fooling though? Hasn’t anyone learned from the film Fatal Attraction? Secrets eventually come out, quite often with a bang. If not they haunt people for the rest of their lives. Thing is, people who live dangerously never get satisfied with just one affair or two — not until they get caught. And no amount of back patting will help these people find contentment or happiness unless they are willing to face or accept that they do have a situation they need to fix".
 Please read the rest of  ilda's post here.


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