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My Do's and Dont's for A Fabulous 2010

At the start of the year, I was browsing horoscope sites. Just for fun, I always do this every new year, and so here I am again, smiling and grinning because the year will be fabulous for me. That is if I have to believe this feng shui site. And I quote:

1. I must not be idealistic.
2. I must strive hard to have a correct view of people and things.
3. I must not dodge the anguish that may assail me; because it is by facing them that I will achieve my serenity and optimism.
4. I must adapt my ways to my ideas. Example: when talking about thrift, I must be sure I am thrifty.
5. My health will be good. And I must continue eating healthy and well.
6. I must at all times avoid giving way to stress. I must do my physical exercise regularly and that intense physical exercise would be good for me.
7. I must watch my bladder, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen.
8. I must drink lots of water and must refrain from spicy and rich food.
9. Life with partner will be good. It will be tender, good and calm.
10.Finance will be good; slightly upswing. Time to buy a home or an apartment.

If only the world can be perfect -- perfectly lived and loved, then peace may not be as elusive as it seems today. Cheers!

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