My classmate Professor Reuel Molina Aguila.

This is a belated post about an idol, a high school classmate who's gone through everything in life - Reuel.  He was our class salututorian. He made UPCAT and together with the rest of us; Edita, the validictorian, Joy, Ofelia, Greg, Victor, Charlie, Sue, Hernani, Lito, Chuchi, Ed, Carolina sailed through the challenging UP Diliman brand of free and analytical thinking  university environment.

Meanwhile, three of these classmates became firebrands. And one was Reuel. When Martial law was declared in 1972, he took to the hills to fight for what he believed in. It was a tumultuous era for students. Was it just the "in" thing? To rebel? To fight the establishment? In Reuel's case and the rest of many UP and Lyceum students, it was a fight worth fighting for. Soon,   the powerful military tentacles caught up. Reuel and a host of others were incarcerated.

Fast forward, today, Reuel Aguila is now a Professor at UP Diliman; Phd candidate. Aside from this, and I was not really surprised to know;  the Professor is a Carlos Palanca Awards Hall of Famer. This, and a host of other accolades he would normally refuse to discuss.

What an honor to have had the pleasure of his company. Someone who walks the talk about freedom, justice, nationalism,  and how to preserve and encourage such noble ideals.

Find a  link about the Professor here.

I am happy and proud to be a classmate.

And BTW, his facebook page invites us to visit his multiply site as well :-) Certainly caught the fb bug