A Job Offer

After 2 interviews, my son who is now based abroad received a job offer. We spoke about it and the next day after that chat he told me that he already signed up for it. He liked the job a Help Desk kind of work. Good pay, with OT pay and all additional allowances. All he is waiting for now are good results from medical and from the approval of the government.

He told me he likes the job.. but might still pursue 2  interviews from a bank and another company which he didn't tell me about.. just in case, but he's hoping he will get this one.

I thought he arrived there March 20 and by March 31 he got himself an offer. Not bad..With a wide smile, I salute him..

My son seems to be getting the hang of getting around his new environment :-) Those are his words..

Another good news is that he has stayed away from junk for 2 weeks now.. "it's kind of expensive here", he says and I smile (oh goody! I secretly told myself.

I thank the Lord Almighty.

Happy Easter Everyone!