My laptop has just been discontinued by HP

Say hello to my new Compaq laptop.

I was surprised however, when, just now my son said, "Ma, I am gonna tell you something."

Me: What?
Son: While I was browsing over HP's site earlier, I saw that they have decided to discontinue the manufacture of your laptop.
Me: So what happens?
Me: What does that mean, if they discontinue?
Son: Nothing really. Your laptop has warranty. And it means that the model that you have has been superseded by other newer models.
Me: It means they have added new features to a newer model?
Son: Yes. But, no cause for anxiety, the laptop's drivers  are all pre-installed with Windows 7. And there's still a lot for sale out there.
Me: Where did you buy it, by the way?
Son: Vilman.
Me: Where?
Son: Makati

Son: Sorry Ma. I didn't realize that this would happen so soon.
Me: That's okey son. No harm done. I will just take better care of my laptop.

End of conversation :-)