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My brother has a tumor in his colon

Sadly, I now realize, indeed my brother has colon cancer. Cory Aquino's condition and subsequent death convinced me. These are some of the local symptoms my brother had when it was discovered that he had colon cancer. It started when his stomach grew big as large as though he was 7 months pregnant. The hard head that he was, didn't want to see a doctor. But that day, he no longer had any choice. He was in huge pain.And he was vomitting. He went to the hospital with his wife,  our niece and his son.

The doctor immediately decided to do an operation. A certain part of his large intestine was ready to burst.
Bacteria was fast spreading all over his stomach. They had to arrest that first,  before doing an operation. They found a tumor as big as an egg in his colon. It had to be removed. It was the source of  all the infection he was suffering from. At that point, I knew he most likely had cancer.

I looked over wikipedia, "a tumor that is large enough to fill the entire lumen of the bowel may cause bowel
obstruction. This situation is characterized by constipation, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and vomiting. This occasionally leads to the obstructed and distended bowel perforating and causing peritonitis".

After the operation, he was instructed to use a colostomy bag. Life will never be the same for my poor brother.

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