Since when did not becoming a doctor a reason to get pregnant?

My friend's daughter got pregnant. It is ill-timed. True. She just graduated from college and was dreaming of moving on to becoming a doctor. In fact, she promised her mother that she would help her other siblings finish their studies too when the time comes. Boohoo. Too late. I felt bad for my friend. She had enormous hopes. After all, daughter was intelligent ... ? Pretty. Seemed to be very level-headed. But why did things suddenly got out of hand?

Because her mother failed to get her to move on to med school. Why couldn't she get it? Was it difficult to understand that it was only her Mom moving high heavens to get her family through life? Her Papa is busy doing something else. Obviously, this family is less important than the family he now has.

Ahhh. Life. It can tear you into pieces. You can drown from your own tears. But what for? Stand up. Just like the way you always do. You are brave.

In fact as I told you recently. You are my hero.