Welcome Wakki. He is Bebe's Boy

Bebe is my son's girl. I am not sure though if they are still together. But yesterday, she was here to visit, bringing along her 3 year old son, Wakki. As I was out of the house when they arrived, the boy, tired apparently, slept. When he awoke, Bebe brought him to our room to get introduced. He seemed shy at first. Aren't all children like that? They need time to warm up.

I gave him junk (mean me!) I knew there was a possibility they'd come for a visit so I got him and myself these potato junk. Aargghh!

My partner, gave him a tiny plastic, blue and yellow dancing boy toy. He was hesitant to take it from partner at first, unlike the way he was with the junk from me. He!He! Children will always be children. So easy to get around them. The boy is handsome, looks like Bebe.

Truth is, it brought back a lot of bittersweet memories of my eldest child. But I don't want to dwell on things past, especially if if I have to relive not so happy moments :-)

One thing though, I just forgot to take his picture but maybe next time, when he comes again.

Our warmest welcome to you Wakki!!!