I celebrate knowing it's Belle's birthday today

Belle is Jerome's girlfriend. My partner tells me that these two have been together since September, 2007. Oh! I didn't know that :-)

I know from my son's stories that Belle is such a hardworking individual. That she was a working student, way back is quite admirable. I am sure she missed a lot of fun. While she was burying herself with work after school, most of her college classmates were having a hey day, I am suuurrrre. How many young people today can afford not having that? To have a job to support one's studies because one wants to help her parents is quite a feat that is hard to ignore. It takes a lot of character and determination.

For all the good things that Belle brings into the life of my son, I thank her.

And here's wishing YOU the best Belle. May you continue to live a purposeful life. While at it, enjoy the journey too.

And Thank you for being always thoughtful.

Finally, today, it is a must that you take pleasure in the company of the people who love you most Belle - who else but your dear family :-) Time to celebrate.

Raise our glasses!

Happy, Happy Birthday Belle !!! Lots of hugs and kisses from everyone in the family. Mwah! :-) Cheers!