An email from Myles

I got this email from Myles my step-daughter-in-law. Remember? She is Nigel's wife :-)

I take special note of the freezing weather she mentions; which they who are based in Europe are experiencing right now. I really could not imagine how that feels. Much like you are in freezer, huh? OMG!

Myles, as I know her is pretty resilient. Weather conditions and all :-) But I am sure, now more than ever, she misses her big hunk of a hubby, who'll be off soon to follow her. So until that time, Myles will have to make do with thermal wear and thermally enabled bed and linen to keep her warm.


Hi Tita,

Just taking a break from uploading pictures at the website that Nigel and I am creating. Hope all is well with you and the boys. I have not started reading the book that you gave me. By the way, thanks for the thought. I will read it after i finish one that's been gathering dust over my bedside table.

It is negative 10 over here. It went up to as high as negative 15 a week before I arrived! We have ice on the road which makes it quite slippery. My body is still adjusting to the radical change in temperature.

Anyway, I will send an email for the link of the website as soon as it is done.

Give my regards to papa and the boys.

Take care always,