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Cheers. It's My Daughter, Lorraine's Day!

In the Philippines it is the Black Nazarene's Day today. Though this is also a significant day for me, January 9 is a day I will never forget until my dying moments - it is my eldest, a daughter's birthday. I was 23 years old at the time. Young and lost. But I thank the Lord that He gave me the strength to hold on and do the right thing.

Today, many, many years after, the more I have reason to be grateful to God, for giving me the gift of a child like Lorraine. I am indebted to the Lord, that HE walks with Lorraine, always seeking HIS guidance in everything that happens in her life. I am grateful, that early in her life she found her true calling and that is to be of service to little children; teaching, inspiring, and molding them; to find and explore their potential as useful and productive individuals for the future.

To you my dearest Louise Marie Lorraine, here is my wish for you this year: a prospering teaching career, a meaningful personal life, a family that continues to support you whatever happens, very good health and lots of love from your students and co-workers.

I love you!!!

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