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Back in Singapore

My daughter goes back to her teaching job in Singapore today. She was able to obtain a two week holiday leave from the school where she's employed. She confided that she was wrong in assuming that work in a developed economy is just a breeze. Compared to Jakarta, she says it is back breaking, bone tiring, sometimes, requiring 'blood', sweat and maybe a small glass full of tears to manage.

The ever optimist that she is, she finds these conditions a challenge - an opportunity to show her new employers that she is not easily intimidated with work, no matter how difficult it is. She happily, informed me that her boss' performance appraisal for her was very satisfactory, higher than how she rated herself. And despite the 8AM to 6PM job, plus an hour's bus and MRT commute from work to home she seems satisfied, if only for the new things she is learning and the chance to complete a short teacher certificate course in Singapore.

I salute my daughter for her diligence, determination and her will to make a better person out of who she is.

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