Another day to celebrate Jigs

It is Jordan's birthday. This year might not be as noisy for him, as the previous years because of financial concerns. Nevertheless, it remains as one of the four most important days in my life. He may have perceived things about me that hurt and made him sad, but that neither 'words' and 'actions' from my end were meant to cause pain.

This year was a struggle for this son of mine, personally and and also his work. His path seems unclear. But I could be wrong. There were so many times in the past that I was, only to find myself regretting I did not trust him fully well. And so, this message is aimed at assuring my son that I will try to be a better Mom to you by not "questioning your every move or action". I will put my faith in the thought that as an adult you know very well what is good for you and your future.

Happy Birthday Jigs! I LOVE You!

Cheers! Get those beer bottles chilled :-)