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Vacation is the end game

It had not been easy taking an unannounced blogging hiatus. Unexpectedly, I had to take a month long absence from the blogging world. But I am determined to be finally back. So what caused my sudden disappearance?

We moved our home. Golly, we are now 1000 meters away from our former place. Difficult is an understatement. Six pleasant years at the 'old' place caused all of us countless sleepless nights prior to THE day. First, getting our new place was a definite stroke of luck and grace from God. I had barely a week to look around. We were praying that we get a place within the same subdivision, mainly because we have come to love the secured ambiance.

Why did we move? That house was beginning to 'crumble'. There were leaks all over due to a damaged roofing system. Talk about the floor tiles which were breaking one after the other. And it looked like there was no letting up? Never mind the ghosts inhabiting the place. No kidding. They were definitely non-living beings. We have felt them, our guests did as well. Mostly, harmless, they have in fact made themselves scarce the last few months. We just saw around when we were already packing our things. Weird huh?

When we saw this new place, it looked alright. The morning sun shone brightly on our bedroom. Previously, at the old place, it was the hot afternoon sun that almost always greeted my afternoon naps. It has an attic which my elder son immediately claimed as his new digs. :-) It was big enough to house all his books, magazines and gadgetry. Problem is - it is way too hot up there. But of course, he can touch his roof, you see.

But enough of these moving thing. It is now time to relax, take a break from those seemingly unending back breaking activities to make possible this new smaller but 'homey abode', as one of our initial guests expressed.

My family intends to take a brief vacation to re-charge and clean the old slate, so to speak. I need one. My partner can use one and our children have been egging us to do this for the longest time and I have always dreamed about going to Boracay. So where do we start, I asked. My son says, no hassle, no worry. Booking a trip to this world-class hide-away is as easy as a click of the fingers. And I got no reason to dispute that.

Boracay here we come!

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