My Joy My Friend

Joy is a nurse. She has been based in the United States for the longest time. This photo was taken after she passed the Board and we went to Makati now a city to gallivant or hangout, as they say today :-) That's what we usually do when we were bored stiff with life.

Oh those were so fun days, unfortunately (for me), cut off when Joy went abroad to seek and fulfill her dream to be rich. And fulfill she did. She married a rich Jew businessman and they lived where Michael Jordan used to have a house. We were writing each other then. But, time somehow forgot that we were still around, but far from where we started.

There was a year she came back as a Balikbayan (return home citizen) and I am glad there was an effort to reach out. I was happy to see her and I think she was too. I would have loved to reminisce the good old days, but she seemed uninterested and instead, talked about all her travel vacations in different parts of the world, non-stop. It was good. And then she had to leave.

I haven't seen or heard from her since. Still I here from my cousin who was actually a high school classmate that she's good and well and on to her globe trekking.