What does your name Ayat mean?

I am reposting this because I wrote it initially in 2006. And because I consider Ayat not only my friend but part of my family, she is here:-)

.According to the Wikipedia:

>Ayah (آية ʾāyatun, plural Ayat آيات ʾāyātun) is the >Arabic > word for >sign > or >miracle >. It usually refers to the 6236 verses found in the >Qur'an >. Muslims regard each verse of the Qur'an as a sign from >Allah >.

At the end of each verse, the verse number and a symbol denoting the end of the verse are usually written. This symbol is ۝۝, end of Ayah. Its >Unicode > number is U+06DD. It also conincides with surahs.