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There are Grand Weddings and there are Great Marriages

No other social practice is bound by custom and tradition than a wedding ceremony. Weddings have been part and parcel of a society's cultural heritage. Regardless of religion and nationality, weddings serve as a memorable occasion meant to be spent in jubilation. It is supposed to be a happy event where every bride and groom pledge to love and cherish each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do they part.

Oh yes, I have been invited to lots of wedding ceremonies before -- traditional Catholic, Christian, beach, chinese, ibanag, ilocano and visayan, etc. One thing seemed to be in common, there was so much anxiety, you can turn into a nervous wreck if you spent another day in it.

The kind of wed
dings they do these days are usually reflective of the kind of lifestyle the future married couple eagerly awaits. Large Cathedral weddings have a hodge podge of politicians as sponsors. Small town weddings have the mayors, or maybe Congress people, celebrity weddings have Presidents, Big businessmen as well as Senators as wedding sponsors. Military weddings have top military leaders at the helm. Just one look and you immediately recognize the follies of very fashionable marriage ceremonies, wherein usually, a high regard for money and position is quite obvious.

But shouldn
't wedding ceremonies highlight the couple's true love for each other? Or does the wedding entourage's couturier spell happy or not so happy? Take note of the reception. Five-star hotel or an out-of-town set-up? The wedding cake - how high? So many indicators, all requiring high financing.

Truth is
, these are just the trimmings. What can never be over emphasized is no amount of material wealth spent in the wedding celebration can assure a long and enduring marriage.

All I can say is live, love, enjoy, be married, for tomorrow you can be annulled.

What a cynical view, but that is all in the spirit of fun. Cheers!

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