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Another Book of Life Closed

My Uncle Tilyo who was stricken with Cancer died last Tuesday at 10:00 in the morning, local time. I saw him on Monday and I could not hold my tears when I saw him in the hospital. I whispered into his ear that if he wanted to rest, I thought and along with every member of his family, that he must lean on the Lord to guide and be with him at the end of his road. I told him that my father, his brother-in-law, along with the rest of siblings, an elder sister and a younger brother and other deceased relatives, will all be there at the gates of Heaven to welcome him.

Later, his children decided to bring him home because the doctors thought it would be best. What's sad was his determination to reject even the dextrose :-( And so we went home and put him on his bed. He had already began to wither aggressively away. In my mind, it would not take long, from the looks of him, it would not take 72 hours he finally expires.

In the afternoon of that same Monday, my son who was with me at the time decided to go home to rest, with the plan to come back immediately, the next day. Unfortunately, before we could start to prepare in going back to his place, we were informed that he expired.

And so, with a sad but hopeful heart we, who's left behind say:

Thank you Lord for sharing Uncle Tilyo's life with us. We fondly remember him for his love, his strength and courage as a father, his care and concern for all those he loved. Embrace Uncle Tilyo in your ARMS OH GOD we pray, AMEN.

Goodbye Uncle Tilyo. Till we meet again.

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