The Windbag - Time to Search for One In Your Life

What is it like having a narcissist in your life? Why do you think I ask such question?

It is said that narcissism is an illness - starts during childhood or early adolescence where the narcissist suffered from abuse as a child, or traumatized by either parents, authority figures or peers. Narcissistic tendencies are classified as cerebral, that which comes from possessing intelligence or from being endowed with scholarly achievements or it could be somatic, a condition resulting from superior physical countenance or sexual conquests from sexual prowess.

Seventy-five percent of those who suffer from narcissism are men.

Now, why am I not surprised to see that medical fact?

If you want to find out if there are narcissists around you check these out. Five of these conditions confirm that. Good luck. I hope you do not have the misfortune of knowing one.

1. Does the person feel self-important? Does he or she exaggerate his achievements or his talents to the point that lying is in order? Does the person demand to be recognized as superior with nothing to speak for such achievement?

2. Is he or she preoccupied with obsessive fantasies of success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, someone with unequalled brilliance or physical beauty?

3. Does the person display behavior that he or she is unique, special; properly understood only, or associated only with people of high social standing?

4. Does the person require or need excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation from people he or she deals with or is the person actually failing but wishes to be feared or achieve a reputation of notoriety?

5. Does he or she feel privileged and thus expects special or favorable treatment and unduly demands automatic and full compliance of his or her expectations?

6. Is the person able to relate or communicate interpersonally without using other people to achieve own ends?

7. Is he or she able to display feelings of empathy, willing to identify with or acknowledge the needs of others?

8. Does the person inherently or overtly display envy and feel others are envious of him or her as well?