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Fil-Am with the "short legs" makes it as one of Top 12 American Idol Finalists

Yes, Ryan Seacrest said Ramiel Malubay 's legs are short. Arrggghh. So what? What she lacks in height , she makes up with that great voice and cute demeanor. Okey?

Actually, I didn't like what she said the very first time she was chosen to become Top 25. She mentioned about being Asian American not Fil-Am. The fact is she is pure Filipino by blood but American by virtue of being a citizen. Duh! But that's okey because the next chance she got she corrected herself.

I hope she lands in the top 5 at least because I think she is good. Better than Jasmine Trias and also more perky. (Although I doubt it. She will I think be one of the first to go Sigh!) Nuff said.

Ramiele Malubay's moment in last week's 'American Idol'.
(Photo courtesy 'American Idol' website)

Here's one news item I like about her joining the Top 12:

Fil-Am Malubay Lands In 'American Idol's' Top 12

Guam - Filipino-American Ramiel Malubay made it as one of the Top 12 of this year's "American Idol," no mean feat for this woman with a small physique but with a great voice.

Malubay started strong in her first performance during the elimination round when she impressed judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell with her rendition of "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" by Dusty Springfield. Her next two performances were not as strong with the judges, however.

Still, Malubay got her share of the over 36 million votes cast to select the Top 12.

Malubay has been receiving tremendous support from the large Filipino community in the U.S., including Guam. Evan Cohen, managing director of Sorensen Media Group and FOX-6 television where the hit singing talent search "American Idol" is broadcast on Guam, said that Ramiele's strong performance and long road to success on "American Idol" has not gone unnoticed. "Listeners on Power98 have been calling in requesting the DJs to play songs sung by Ramiele on American Idol," he said.

Even in the Philippines, Malubay is gradually acquiring a number of very appreciative fans. She was featured in the newscast of major TV and radio programs and articles had been written about her in mainstream newspapers when she made the final 24 hopefuls. No doubt, media coverage of her will intensify as she continues competing on "American Idol."

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