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If the world was perfect

No one will worry about anything.

But how boring would life be?

Read on....

Everyone believed that Kathleen Wiltshire had a great life. She had a close and loving family, a job she loved and for which she was well-paid, and a bright and cheerful outlook on life.

Kathleen also had too much stress in her life. Both of her elderly parents were ill, her mother with advanced heart disease, and her father with Alzheimer’s. She had a managerial position in the medical field that kept her traveling 75% of the time. Being 200 pounds overweight was causing emotional and medical problems for her. She wanted to walk as part of an exercise program, but wasn’t comfortable walking in the strange towns where she traveled. Her apartment was disorganized but she had no time to attack the piles of papers and clothing. Her biggest dream was to buy a home of her own, and she needed to save for a down payment, pay off debt and begin searching for her dream house.

The stress of searching for answers to all her problems was leading Kathleen to emotional eating. She wanted a “perfect” life, but her definition of perfect was all-or-nothing. There was no middle ground, no compromise in her idea of perfection, and trying to do it all was causing physical and emotional problems. She knew she was stuck and needed help moving forward with her goals without sabotaging her own health and welfare. Read more...

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