My Long Lost Friend Came to Visit

This is a friend from way, way, way back. If anyone knows anything and everything about me, this is the gal.

Married for 20 years, she and her husband decided to call the marriage off. She informs me that 10 years prior -- the marriage had already crumbled. But I thought all along that everything was fine, I exclaimed when I first found out early last year. Things have a strange way of ending out... she said:-(

And so, single and free again I wish for her the best.

Di I need a reason to be concerned about her? I guess not. I am positive she can continue hacking life the way she's been doing it forever. Hearing her speak about her personal fiasco, cements my belief that she'll get through this easily. After all, she said it took her just 6 months to 'mourn' the demise of her marriage. And because this woman is a traveler and hops from the U.S. to the Philippines like they were just an hour away, I know she will use travel to forget the forgettables in her life.

January 1, 2008, she came to visit for the first time in perhaps 10 years? That looong. But our friendship has endured and has been time-tested. Physical absence does not matter. That's how close we are. Seeing her again, I was truly glad seeing her and she seemed to have as ever stay young, vibrant, and confident despite her recent personal 'misfortune'?

And was I happy to see her once more:-)